HamOnt Aces

HamOnt Aces is a growing community for ace (asexual- demisexual- grey asexual-etc)) and/or aro (aromantic- demiromantic-grey romantic- etc) folks in Hamilton, Ontario and nearby communities to get together and build local community.

Phone: 2897008667

Ages Served: 18+
Fees: Free
Languages: English
Regions Served: Hamilton
Type of Service: Drop-in/Support Group, Grassroots Community Group, Pride Collective/Organization, Website/Online Support
Closed Identity-Specific Groups: Asexual/ Aromantic, Open to All Races


Physically Accessible to Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: N/A
Accessible Washrooms: N/A
Gender-neutral Washrooms: N/A
Scent-free / Low Scent: N/A
ASL: Unsure
Childcare: N/A
Food: No food available, N/A
Transit Reimbursements: No
Alcohol: No
Other Access Info:
Meetups occur in various public locations as this group does not have a physical location. We do our best to take people's accessibility needs into account when choosing locations, however, there are times when locations are inaccessible physically or otherwise. Some meetups may include food if the meetup is decided to be a potluck. HamOnt Aces does not have any funding for any outings or otherwise, so if an activity is at a place that has any costs associated with it, the fee is paid by each attendee.