London InterCommunity Health Centre

The Health Centre offers Trans Health Services.The Health Centre also offers services like Anonymous HIV testing and the MyCare HIV treatment program. The Youth Outreach Worker team can help connect you with them.

There are also Mental Health supports, and many different health related programs and groups that you can participate in.

You can contact a Systems Navigator, to help connect you with programs that you are looking for by calling this number: 519-660-0874

1355 Huron St.
London, ON N5V 1R9
Phone: 519-660-0874

Hours: Our administrative hours are 9 – 5pm, Monday through Friday. Our clinical service hours are Mon 9 – 9, Tues 9 – 5, Wed 9 – 5, Thurs 10:30 – 5, Fri 9-5
Regions Served: Middlesex
Type of Service: Health Services, Mental Health, Sexual Health
Closed Identity-Specific Groups: Trans, Open to All Genders and Sexualities


Physically Accessible to Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: Yes
Accessible Washrooms: Yes
Gender-neutral Washrooms: Yes
Scent-free / Low Scent: Scent-free
ASL: Available occasionally, Unsure
Childcare: Childminding
Food: Light snacks available
Transit Reimbursements: Reimbursements available upon request
Alcohol: Unsure