Pieces to Pathways (P2P), Breakaway Community Services

Pieces to Pathways (P2P) is a peer-led initiative offering Canada’s only substance use support program for LGBTTQQ2SIA youth (ages 16-29).

Our program is open to all LGBTTQQ2SIA youth ages 16-29 who are concerned about their substance use, or are interested in exploring their relationship to substances. Our mission is to provide seamless, comprehensive and effective harm reduction services and a full range of addictions treatment services that are amenable to an individual’s needs and goals. We have always operated on a non abstinence or ‘harm reduction’ approach, which forms the philosophical basis for all our work, in reducing harm and enhancing the health of our clients.

21 Strickland Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3E6
Phone: 437-349-0434
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Ages Served: 16-29
Fees: Free
Hours: Monday: 10 am - 5 pm by appointment; 2SLGBTQ Abstinence Dinner and Support Group 4:30 - 8 Tuesday: 10 am - 5 pm by appointment; Racialized 2SLGBTQ Harm Reduction Dinner and Support Group 4:30 - 8 Wednesday: 10 am - 5 pm by appointment Thursday: 10 am - 5 pm by appointment; 2SLGBTQ Harm Reduction Dinner and Support Group 4:30 - 8 Friday: 10 am - 4 pm by appointment
Languages: English
Regions Served: Peel, Toronto
Type of Service: Addictions/Harm Reduction, Drop-in/Support Group, Health Services, Mental Health
Closed Identity-Specific Groups: Open to All Races, Open to All Genders and Sexualities


Physically Accessible to Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: Yes
Accessible Washrooms: Yes
Gender-neutral Washrooms: Yes
Scent-free / Low Scent: Scent-free
Childcare: No
Food: Meals provided
Transit Reimbursements: Both ways reimbursed
Alcohol: No