QTBIPOC sauga is a grassroots gathering of queer and trans, Black, Indigenous and people of colour (QTBIPOC) communities from across Peel.
We began in January 2016 as a way of addressing the lack of spaces dedicated to QTBIPOC people in Peel. Since then, little has changed in terms of spaces for QTBIPOC folks.

We host monthly meetups (virtual due to COVID-19). In the past, we have held monthly meetups (location not shared publicly due to safety concerns) where community members can connect, share food, and build community. QTBIPOC sauga has held meetups in Brampton as well! We have organized events including panels, workshops, performance events and more. We also advocate locally.

We are not a non-profit organization, but a grassroots group.

Phone: 416-993-4221
Instagram Facebook

Fees: Free
Regions Served: Peel
Type of Service: Grassroots Community Group
Closed Identity-Specific Groups: Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), Open to All Genders and Sexualities


Physically Accessible to Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: Yes
Accessible Washrooms: Yes
Gender-neutral Washrooms: Yes
Scent-free / Low Scent: Low Scent
ASL: No ASL, Unsure
Childcare: N/A
Food: Meals provided
Transit Reimbursements: Reimbursements available upon request
Alcohol: No
Other Access Info:
Meetings are sometimes in inaccessible locations (but would not be the case if it was a barrier to attendance). Individuals are welcome to bring kids. We usually have a full meal but sometimes light snacks. Attendance at events is usually paid by attendees but we usually try to go to free or PWYC things.