Toronto Aces & Aros

Toronto Aces & Aros is a grassroots community group focused on building local ace and aro community.
- We offer online and in-person discussions and social events for diverse people (ages 17+) under the asexual & ace and/or aromantic & aro umbrella(s), including demi and grey folks, etc.. We also welcome people questioning whether they might be. This includes aces who are not aro, aros who are not ace and aroaces. (Note that a large portion of people who attend are trans, non-binary and/or agender, etc.)
-- We have a in-person meetup on the 2nd Sunday afternoon of the month at the 519 (wheelchair accessible, all-gender washrooms). From September to April, we usually have student ASL interpreters at these meetups. We also have other online and in-person meetups at other times and locations.
- We have a Discord server for ace and/or arospec and questioning individuals (email us for the link)
- We offer educational workshops/events for people of all ages and are happy to answer any questions for people looking for more information about asexuality or aromanticism-- email us!

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Ages Served: 17+
Fees: Free
Languages: English
Regions Served: Toronto
Type of Service: Grassroots Community Group, Website/Online Support
Closed Identity-Specific Groups: Asexual/ Aromantic, Open to All Races


Physically Accessible to Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: Yes
Accessible Washrooms: Yes
Gender-neutral Washrooms: Unsure
Scent-free / Low Scent: Low Scent
ASL: Available upon request, Available occasionally
Childcare: Unsure
Food: No food available
Transit Reimbursements: No
Alcohol: No
Other Access Info:
-- For meetups that take place at regular indoor locations, there are washrooms accessible for wheelchairs and mobility devices that are also all-gender washrooms.
-- For occasional meetups that take place at different locations, there may not always be accessible washrooms. We always make washroom information available with location info for these meetups ahead of time.

ASL interpretation:
-- ASL interpretation is available for some events upon request.
-- During the fall and winter months we are regularly able to offer ASL interpretation for social events.
-- We are only rarely able to offer ASL interpretation for discussion-based events.
-- We encourage those who need ASL interpretation to contact us advance so that we can do our best to make ASL interpretation available at events of interest.
-- While not equivalent to ASL interpretation, we do also have some all-text online meetups when ASL interpretation is not available.

Online & In-person meetups:
-- We are continuing with online meetups as we begin to return toward in-person meetups.
-- For in-person meetups that are indoors, we ask people to wear masks (unless they are communicating by ASL)

Scent-reduced space:
-- We bring scent-free soap to our in-person meetups so people avoid using the scented soap provided by venue washrooms. We also have a scent-free guidelines for our in-person events, but we meet in spaces that are available to us, which are not scent-free. Please check out our Scent-Free Guide:

-- We encourage anyone with child-minding needs to contact us. We have on occasion had attendees bring their children to the events with advance planning: not all our events will be suitable for children to accompany a care-giver.

Other accessibility info is available here: