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LGBT YouthLine's referral database is for in-person and/or location-based organizations, collectives, and resources for 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Ontario.

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Drop-in/Support Group, Phone/Chat/Text Line, Website/Online Support

Q Chat Space provides live-chat based, online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ and questioning teens around the world. It’s not a forum and there is no video or audio. Everyone is chatting during the same pre-scheduled time. Chats are facilitated by trained staff/volunteers who work at LGBTQ+ centers across the US, but youth in Canada are welcome to use the service.

Drop-in/Support Group

2-Spirit Circle Closed Group is an all ages group that provides programming for 2-Spirit First Nations, Inuit and Métis community members in Windsor Essex, facilitated by Shane Lyon (2S Mi'kmaw/Irish) and presented by the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest. The 2-Spirit Circle ensures that everyone attending this group will have a non-judgmental, supportive space to get together and explore your identities and what that means to you. We will do this through Sharing Circles, Traditional Teachings, music, crafts, game nights and other activities to build connections within our community of Windsor-Essex.

2109 Ottawa Street Market Square Entrance, 2nd Floor, Unit #216
Windsor, ON N8Y 1R8
Drop-in/Support Group, Mental Health

QLink Windsor-Essex is a collaborative of three local organizations including Windsor Pride Community, Windsor-Essex Pride Fest and Family Services Windsor-Essex working together to deliver peer-led supports, programs and counselling for LGBTQ+ youth between the ages of 12-29 years of age and their families, caregivers, allies and friends.

Meetup Monday
Join us virtually every Monday from 7:00pm - 8:15pm for QLink Windsor-Essex’s weekly Monday Meetup. This is a peer-facilitated program for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and young adults ages 12-29. It’s a chance to connect with community and check-in about things you enjoy, share solidarity for coping with what is difficult, and learn about what is going on in our region. Each Meetup will close with a brief mindfulness exercise.

Type Out Tuesday
Join us virtually every other Tuesday for Type OUT Tuesday from 6:00pm-8:00pm. A writing circle for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and young adults ages 12-29. Each session will include a check-in, writing prompts, and opportunities to share our work and receive feedback. This drop in workshop space is designed to be flexible and accommodate participants’ desires and goals.

QConnect Youth Drop In
Join us every Wednesday from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm for QConnect Youth Drop-In. This is a youth-facilitated program for 2SLGBTQIA+ young adults ages 12-18. It’s a chance to meet other 2SLGBTQIA+ young adults, hang out, and enjoy an activity. Events will rotate weekly with Games Night, Movie Night, Craft Night, Coffee House, and Open Mic Night.

Young Adult Mixer
Join us every Thursday for YAM (Youth Adult Mixer). YAM is a youth-facilitated program for 2SLGBTQIA+ young adults ages 18-29. It’s a chance to meet other 2SLGBTQIA+ young adults, hang out, and enjoy an activity. Events will rotate weekly with Games Night, Movie Night, Craft Night, Coffee House and Open Mic Night.

2109 Ottawa Street, Unit #216
Windsor, ON N8Y 1R8
Phone: 226-348-3378
Addictions/Harm Reduction, Education/Workshops, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Sexual Health

The Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy aims to provide culturally respectful and sensitive programs and strategies to respond to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic among Aboriginal Peoples in Ontario, through promotion, prevention, long-term care, treatment and support initiatives consistent with harm reduction principles.

OAHAS offers the following support services:
Pre & post-test counselling
Health & HIV/AIDS treatment information & referrals
Support relating to HIV/AIDS discrimination issues, including referrals to legal supports
Assistance in accessing food, clothing and shelter
Assistance in obtaining and/or replacing identification
Access to traditional medicines & supports
Assistance to & from appointments
Family support
Grief counselling

Pride Collective/Organization

Kincardine Pride is an all-volunteer local organization. Its mission is to promote Kincardine as an LGBTQ-positive community by hosting an annual family-friendly Pride Parade and Celebration in beautiful downtown Kincardine, as well as other events throughout the year.

Kincardine, ON
Education/Workshops, Grassroots Community Group

Niizhaayek Alliance aims to reduce the stigmas and risks associated with being part of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community through engaging youth workshops, amplifying youth voices, and in the development of an annual Ontario-wide 2SLGBTQQIA+ youth gathering.

Thunder Bay, ON
Education/Workshops, Grassroots Community Group

The GVWG will continue to provide trainings to local organizations and service providers about trans inclusion as well as consultations on issues of trans inclusion within our community. The working group will build community awareness of our work through improving our branding and continuing to build connections. We will streamline and formalize our processes through developing internal policies and procedures. And finally, we will create an environment where we can strengthen our capacities as individuals and as a group through skill development and networking. The GVWG also has a gender affirming project, that includes sample sizes of GC2B binders and rehoming donated used binders.

Waterloo, ON
Employment Support

*Not 2SLGBTQ+ Specific

A one-on-one transformational experience providing Clients with both the professional attire and the confidence to succeed in both interviews and employment

5150 Yonge Street, Unit C31
Toronto, ON M2N6L8
Phone: 4169016022
Addictions/Harm Reduction, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health

THIS SERVICE IS NON-QUEER, TRANS & LGBTQ SPECIFIC. Call the line for more info on 2SLGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Nurse and physician clinics. Testing for Hepatitis A, B, C, Syphilis and HIV (anonymous and rapid testing available), testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas/treatment, wart(HPV) treatment, vaccines (Hepatitis A, B, and HPV), emergency contraception, low-cost birth control, depo injection, pregnancy testing and options counselling and referrals, PAP testing. Free condoms and barrier methods.

169 Pine St South
Timmins, ON P4N8B7
Phone: 705-360-7315
Grassroots Community Group, Website/Online Support

Toronto Aces & Aros is a grassroots community group focused on building local ace and aro community.
- We offer online and in-person discussions and social events for diverse people (ages 17+) under the asexual & ace and/or aromantic & aro umbrella(s) and people questioning whether they might be. This includes aces who are not aro, aros who are not ace and aroaces. We also have a Discord server.
(We also offer educational workshops/events for people of all ages)

Toronto, ON
Education/Workshops, Mental Health

Queer@ROCK provides prevention-based programming for 2SLGBTQIA+ children, youth and families through ROCK. Our goal is to support access to safer spaces, build self-esteem, create opportunities for connection to community and ensure folks feel affirmed!

Halton Region, ON
Phone: 289-208-0902
Drop-in/Support Group, Education/Workshops, Mental Health

At Sheena’s Place, we offer group-based support to people aged 17+ affected by an eating disorder or disordered eating. Our professionally-facilitated groups are completely free of charge and participants do not require an eating disorder diagnosis or referral to register. We are committed to inspiring hope, reducing stigma, raising awareness and offering meaningful help and information at all stages of recovery. We have at least 2 groups per season dedicated to the 2SLGBTQ+ community, our 2SLGBTQ+ Drop-in and our Trans, Non-binary, and Questioning Drop-in.

All of the programs at Sheena’s Place are free of charge, group-based, and professionally facilitated. Our programs are currently offered online as videoconferencing sessions, hosted on Zoom for Healthcare. Some limited programming has returned to our physical location in Toronto, ON, and we will also continue to offer programs online.

Our groups run in 4 seasons throughout the year: winter, spring, summer and fall, and we also offer some specialty programming in December. We release a new program calendar each season, and there is a set registration date each season.

87 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5R 2T1
Phone: 416-927-8900
College/University Campus Group, Education/Workshops, Health Services, Mental Health, Sexual Health

Student Health and Wellness aims to provide holistic, evidence-informed health and wellness services to meet the diverse needs of our student population.

A counsellor can provide gender-affirming referrals.

955 Oliver Rd,
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1
Phone: 8073438361
Drop-in/Support Group, Education/Workshops, Mental Health, Website/Online Support

As a non-profit organization that focuses on 2SLGBTQIA+ health, care, and wellness, TransCare+ works with queer and gender diverse communities, care providers, and researchers to identify, develop, and provide services and resources that meet the needs and desires of queer and gender diverse folks across so-called Canada.

Kingston, ON
Phone: 5066093770
Drop-in/Support Group, Grassroots Community Group, Pride Collective/Organization, Website/Online Support

HamOnt Aces is a growing community for ace (asexual- demisexual- grey asexual-etc)) and/or aro (aromantic- demiromantic-grey romantic- etc) folks in Hamilton, Ontario and nearby communities to get together and build local community.

Hamilton, ON
Grassroots Community Group

Rainbow Roots is a space for 2SLGBTQ+ families to gather and build a sense of community. We will meet every 2nd and 4thSaturday at 1pm. This is a space were all queer families are welcome, no mater the age of your children. There will be a space for younger children to play while the older folks get to know each other and share parenting tips and tricks. If you are thinking of starting a family you are welcome to join and possibly get some tips on that as well. If there is interest we can look at guest speakers down the road. If you have any questions please reach out to

30 Bell Ln
Brantford, ON N3T 0C3
Phone: 519-732-8143
Drop-in/Support Group, Mental Health, Pride Collective/Organization

This group was designed to be able to offer free drop in times for folks to socialize, colouring, crafting and/or discussing mental health challenges.

Drop-in services are free

987 King St E, Unit 104-A
Hamilton, ON L8M 1C6
Phone: 226 780 5572
Legal Support

Halton Community Legal Services recognizes there are legal barriers preventing members of the Trans, Non-Binary, and Queer communities from accurately identifying themselves on official documents. Here, in Ontario, there are multi-page forms requiring the signature of a commissioner in order to have your name and/or gender marker changed.

Working together with our community partners, we are offering monthly I.D Clinics to provide assistance with this process. If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone (905-875-2069) or fill in the contact form found on our website

700 Dorval Dr, #400
Oakville, ON L6K 3V3
Phone: 905-875-2069
Grassroots Community Group

We are a grassroots group of transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals and their loved ones who seek to build community for gender diverse folx and their loved ones. We provide opportunities to connect with community through our in person meetings, and virtual spaces, and come together to provide community sourced resources, feedback, insight, assistance, and more.

Kingston, ON
Phone: 3434227000
Drop-in/Support Group

A weekly drop-in group for youth who are queer, trans or questioning. It is a safe and inclusive space where youth can be themselves, find community and build relationships. Participate in group activities, work on individual projects or simply take up space without judgment.

23 Buell St.
Brockville, ON K6V 5T7
Phone: 6133423936

Our mission is to provide support, prevention, education and outreach services from an integrated anti-racism anti-oppression social justice framework that promotes the holistic wellbeing of those living with, affected by, impacted by and at risk of HIV/AIDS in Ottawa.

19 Main Street
Ottawa, ON K1S1A9
Phone: 613-238-5014
Drop-in/Support Group, Education/Workshops, Grassroots Community Group, Pride Collective/Organization, Sports and Fitness, Website/Online Support

Queer Intersections represents a group of people who came together for the purpose of creating, establishing and maintaining an environment that is a safe and inclusive place for the Two Spirit LGBTQIA+/Rainbow community. Located in London, Ontario Canada, we strive to educate the community on Two Spirit LGBTQIA+/Rainbow topics while maintaining a positive relationship with the community. Our focus includes but is not limited to the promotion of health, wellness and expression/exploration for individuals across the lifespan from youth to seniors in the Two Spirit LGBTQIA+/Rainbow community. We currently run partnered events throughout the community while we work towards establishing a permanent community centre.

London, ON